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Our job is to help you through the process, not annoy you endlessly with sales calls, texts, and emails.

FAQs About Getting a Quote

How often can I expect to be contacted after I submit my quote?

You will receive 1-2 texts or emails (your choice) updating you on the status of your quote, and 1 more when it is complete and ready for review. After reviewing your quote, you can Accept or Decline then, or Request More Time. If you Request More Time, you get to choose how often and by what method you want us to check in with you.

Will my phone/inbox "blow up" after I submit this quote?

This is common in the insurance industry because many websites will collect your info and sell it to multiple agents in order to "shop" it for you. Then these other agencies will vie for your business and "blow up" your phone and inbox. Our #1 priority is a good experience. Spam emails and calls are not a good experience. We will never sell your information to a third party. We shop hundreds of carriers in-house so you will only ever deal with us; and with us, you are in control of our communication. We will never blow up your phone or inbox (unless that's your thing and you requested it, I guess!)

What happens after I submit my quote?

An advisor begins working on shopping carriers for you immediately. We do a very thorough job, so depending on how complex your policies are, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a business day to complete our review and put your top options together.

Depending on what you chose, you will either receive a text from a live advisor to review your options for you, or a text containing a video link of the advisor reviewing your quote.

After that, you can Accept, Decline, or Request More Time to think about it (where you will decide how often we follow up with you).

How will my quote be delivered to me?

You have the option (in this form) to choose whether you prefer to have a live advisor go over your quote over phone call, zoom, or screen share; or, to have a video-link texted to you of that advisor reviewing your quote and walking you through it, to view at your own pace.

Will there be any hidden costs or fees?

Cost is one of the most important things to us, and to you as well we assume. We won't bury the numbers under a bunch of fluff. Costs are displayed front and center, and details about any fees or discounts are readily available.

Will my price change after I agree to switch to you?

We know this is a negative for you, but this is honestly one of the most annoying things for us too. We work hard to gain your trust, and sometimes a price will change at the last minute (whether a carrier reason or some missing info gets pulled in) which feels like a "bait and switch" on your side and destroys that trust that we built. Rest assured if this does occur with us, we aren't trying to pull a fast one, and will do everything we can to rework the quote for you and find you a better option. And if there is truly not a better option than your current provider, we will let you know.

*It's also good to note here that this is the #1 reason we ask for the information we do. We want to get as close to an accurate price as we can so nothing changes on you.

Will you try to pressure me into buying your insurance?

No. And to keep our advisors accountable, we send out a 3 question survey after every quote (whether you go with us or not) to make sure you had an outstanding experience, and not a frustrating one.

As expressed everywhere else on our website, your experience is our #1 priority. We don't want to sell you insurance, we want to help you buy the best option for insurance (whether that's our option or not). Which might sound cliché, but we know that even if you don't go with us now, if you had an amazing experience with us, you will feel good about coming back again and again each year until we have an option that is a good fit for you. We will gain your business at some point, because we gained your trust first.

What if I want to take time to think about it before making a decision?

Take the time. You will not be harassed with a barrage of calls, texts, and emails. You decide how and when you want us to check in with you.

We just ask that you also return the favor and be clear with us about what you want. We have a high commitment to giving personal time and attention to each and every client; and also to not let you're quote fall through the cracks, and so we will continue to follow up until you tell us Yes or No. If you aren't interested but don't tell us that, it just wastes our time and energy and causes you frustration and annoyance if we continue to follow up.

What if I end up not wanting to buy insurance through you guys?

Easy - just let us know (so we don't continue to follow up with you). After you let us know that none of the options work for you, two things happen:

1) You'll get a thank you video from your advisor, as well as a quick survey we use to make sure you had a good experience. It will also have a link inviting you to any of our community events over the next year.

2) You won't hear from us for 1-2 years, which is usually when people have us shoot them a quick text or email to see if they want us to re-run options for them.

Why do you need so much information?

The biggest reason is to make sure the price doesn't change after we tell you what the quote is (see "Will my price change after I agree to switch to you?"). Beyond that, the simple answer is that insurance carriers are potentially on the hook to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on your behalf - so they do want to know things about who you are and what their risk is.

Rest assured though, if this worries you at all, alongside every question on our Quote Form above, you will find a "How does this relate to my insurance" box that will explain why we ask that question and how that information is used.

How secure is my information?

We utilize Cognito Forms to gather our clients' information. They are a top vendor for securely gathering information in the industry, and are PCI (DSS) Level 1 compliant, HIPPA compliant, and are host store encrypted data for sensitive information with Microsoft. To see a full overview of  their security features, see

Information is then saved to our internal databases, which are hosted on industry-leading software which boast robust data and security features.

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