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Top reasons captive agents
love working with us!

Reason #1


We have a fanatical commitment to transparency at Financial House - to both our clients and our referral partners.

You will never wonder what stage your referrals are at. We copy you in all information we send to the client, and we provide you a private referral portal to view all referrals you've ever sent.

Reason #2

Referral Comps

Nothing causes frustration like unmet expectations. We provide a very transparent portal where you can see exactly how much you can expect to receive on the next payout.

If your current contract prohibits commission sharing, we also provide a generous Finder Fee program where we purchase your leads at a fixed price (whether they close or not), so you can stay compliant with your carrier.

Reason #3

Long Term Success

One aspect of our program agents love the most is that we provide a systemized way reconnect with referrals every year; it creates a farm for leads each month in the future.

Two weeks before the client renews, you will be notified that the client is renewing and given a clear overview of the client's current account so you can take another shot at winning the account. We include your quote in the options we shop for the client.

Other Questions You May Have

What options are there for referral fees/compensation?

We offer two options so you can be compensated in a way that works best for your situation.

1) Commission Splits: we offer 2% commission on any standard personal lines referrals that end up being issued with us. This is a great option, especially if you are sending over slightly higher quality and higher intent accounts, which have a higher likelihood of closing (this form of compensation is one that is conditional upon the sale of an insurance product).

2) Fixed Referral Fee: we also offer a fixed $20 finder's fee which we pay for every account you refer to us, regardless if they issue or not. In this way, we conform to Utah State Insurance Code which allows for the compensation of referrals, as long as it is not conditional upon the sale of the insurance product (31A-23a-504(3)(b)). This is a great option to stay compliant if you have a captive contract which does not allow you to share commissions with other carriers/agents. It's also the only option if you do not have an active insurance license in your state.

What does the referral process look like?

1) You refer a client or prospect to us through your dedicated portal. They will appear in your portal within 5 minutes.
2) The client will receive an SMS text to let them know that we work with you closely, you brought us in to help, we have started a quote for them, and we will notify them once it is done.
3) After the quote proposal is finished, we will send the client a link to view it via text and email (you will also receive a copy via email).
4) We will follow up with them via text and phone over the next few days. You may choose to reach out to them as well.
5) We will update your portal with whether the client/prospect is issued or dropped; and your Next Payout calculator will update according to the compensation method you choose.
6) Payouts occur on the 15th of the next month for previous month's referrals (i.e. Feb 15th for January referrals).

What should my clients expect to happen once I refer them to you?

This is the number one reason for an aversion to referring business to another agency (the unknown client experience). It is also the number one reason we put such an emphasis on having a transparent process.

Once you sign up for a portal, you will have a section where you can refer new clients and prospects to us for quotes. Once you submit that referral, the client will receive a SMS text shortly after to let them know once our staff begins quoting the account. After the quote is completed, we will create an online proposal for them which will include a video walkthrough. We will text and email them a copy of this proposal; and we will CC you on the emailed proposal as well so you can view. We will then follow up with a phone call afterwards to address any questions and potentially wrap up and issue the account for them.

Can you just quote the policies and send them to me to present to the client?

We are definitely advocates of keeping you in the process and do not oppose your contact with the client or prospect (that's why we keep you in the loop with our communications and proposals). We feel that it is a smoother transition for the client now, and it also solidifies in their mind that you and Financial House are partners (that way in the future when you go to re-quote the account, it feels more natural to them).

However, we have a very methodical and thorough client journey mapped out, and we adhere to it strictly. We do this to ensure every client has an amazing experience, and nothing falls in the cracks with the volume of quotes and referrals we process. In order to do that, we need to stick to our client journey and have the text, email, and phone touchpoints we do with the clients and prospects along the sales journey. Plus, it protects both you and us since technically you aren't licensed under our agency to solicit insurance on our behalf for insurance carriers that we, and not you, are contracted with. Having you present insurance under the agency "Financial House" would put our and your licenses in violation and subject to regulatory action by the state insurance department.

How does the renewal process work?

We are notified 2-4 weeks prior to an account's renewal of what their renewal is. Our process is to shop an client's policy every single year, no matter what their rate looks like.

During this time of shopping, you will also be notified in your portal and via email that you have a 1 week window in which to requote the account and have your options be included alongside our shopped options. If the client chooses to another policy term with us, we will pay you another referral fee for the new policy.

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